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betting-advisor-1x2 Austria TXT2 BETADVISOR1X2 0900330300 2.00 EUR
betting-advisor-1x2 Azerbaijan TXT3 BETADVISOR1X2 3303 / 9853 3.00 AZN+ VAT (18%)
betting-advisor-1x2 Belarus TXT BETADVISOR1X2 3339 3.60 BYN+ VAT (25%)
betting-advisor-1x2 Belgium TXT BETADVISOR1X2 6569 1.50 EUR
betting-advisor-1x2 B i H TXT BETADVISOR1X2 091910706 3.00 BAM+ VAT (17%)
betting-advisor-1x2 Bulgaria TXT BETADVISOR1X2 1916 2.40 BGN
betting-advisor-1x2 Croatia TXT15 BETADVISOR1X2 866866 15.00 KN
betting-advisor-1x2 Cyprus TXT BETADVISOR1X2 7510 1.31 EUR
betting-advisor-1x2 Czech R. FOR BETADVISOR1X2 90309 99.00 CZK
betting-advisor-1x2 Denmark TXT BETADVISOR1X2 1999 15.00 DKK
betting-advisor-1x2 Estonia FOR BETADVISOR1X2 13013 1.60 EUR
betting-advisor-1x2 Finland TXT2 BETADVISOR1X2 17162 2.00 EUR
betting-advisor-1x2 France TXT BETADVISOR1X2 81027 1.50 EUR
betting-advisor-1x2 Georgia TAP BETADVISOR1X2 93338 4.99 GEL
betting-advisor-1x2 Germany FOR2 BETADVISOR1X2 89000 1.99 EUR
betting-advisor-1x2 Greece TXT BETADVISOR1X2 54534 1.49 EUR
betting-advisor-1x2 Hungary TXT BETADVISOR1X2 0691336000 508.00 HUF
betting-advisor-1x2 Kazakhstan WLW BETADVISOR1X2 3352 500.00 KZT
betting-advisor-1x2 Kosovo TXT BETADVISOR1X2 55050 1.00 EUR
betting-advisor-1x2 Latvia BET BETADVISOR1X2 1897 1.39 EUR
betting-advisor-1x2 Lithuania TXT BETADVISOR1X2 1337 1.47 EUR
betting-advisor-1x2 Macedonia TAP BETADVISOR1X2 141951 106.20 MKD
betting-advisor-1x2 Montenegro TXT BETADVISOR1X2 14741 1.02 EUR
betting-adviaor-1x2 Marocco FOR BETADVISOR1X2 2090 24.00 MAD
betting-advisor-1x2 Netherlands MAT BETADVISOR1X2 3555 1.50 EUR
betting-advisor-1x2 Norway TXT BETADVISOR1X2 2198 15.00 NOK
betting-advisor-1x2 Poland TXT BETADVISOR1X2 7668 7.38 PLN
betting-advisor-1x2 Portugal TXT BETADVISOR1X2 68638 2.10 EUR
betting-advisor-1x2 Romania TXT BETADVISOR1X2 1270 2.00 EUR+ VAT (19%)
betting-advisor-1x2 Russia FOR BETADVISOR1X2 7496 170.00 RUB
betting-advisor-1x2 Serbia 200 BETADVISOR1X2 1310 240.00 RSD+ 1 sms
betting-advisor-1x2 Slovakia TXT BETADVISOR1X2 7774 1.60 EUR
betting-advisor-1x2 Slovenia TXT BETADVISOR1X2 3838 1.99 EUR
betting-advisor-1x2 Spain TXT BETADVISOR1X2 27992 1.45 EUR
betting-advisor-1x2 Sweden TXT BETADVISOR1X2 72401 15.00 SEK
betting-advisor-1x2 Switzerland TAT BETADVISOR1X2 565 2.00 CHF
betting-advisor-1x2 Ukraine WLW BETADVISOR1X2 997 50.00 UAH
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Free football predictions, free odds comparison and match previews. Predictions are calculated based on advanced algorithm using stats, teams attack strength, defence weakness and recent form analysis. Take advantage of the percentage football predictions for home wins, draws, visitors wins, over and under goals scored.


Free betting suggestions for 15 september 2018

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