Champions League

Plzen – FSCB  X2 1.73 1-4 win

One thing is for sure, I can’t be accused of being a biased FCSB fan, en contraire. But today my money is on the bucharestian team of Gigi Becali. FCSB this season is a really weak team, with lots of problems in front of goal, and lots of problems in defence. We know that. Stats are relevant for the last 4 official games of 2017: 2-1 win vs Voluntari (11 vs 4 shots on goal, 22 vs 5 goal attempts), 1-0 win vs Timisoara (4 vs 2 shots on goal, 12 vs 5 goal attempts), 2-2 vs Plzen (13 vs 6 goal attempts, 4 vs 6 shots on goal), 1-1 vs Craiova (16 vs 4 goal attempts, 8 vs 1 shots on goal). FCSB need 10 goal attempts to score 1 goal, while opponents score 1 goal from 2 shots, and that’s mainly because FCSB has no decent defenders, and experiments like Larie (ex CFR) or Momcilovic + Balasa don’t seem to work. Consider the fact Budescu is missing, and Alibec is playing like crap, and you have a total disaster all the way. However, this will be a high pressure game for both teams today, and Plzen is not a powerhouse at all. They are a fragile team in defence, and allow opponents to create a ton of opportunities, and this can surely cost them. Vs Dukla Praga, despite winning 4-0, Plzen allowed an impressive 15 goal attempts from Dukla and 5 shots on goal. FCSB is always famous for giving it all in such do-or-die games in Europe, and you will all remember famous wins like the ones vs Sparta Praga or Ajax Amsterdam, when no one believed in FCSB. And they always seem to have some sort of extra luck (except games vs Middlesbrough and Napoli). I think 90% FCSB won’t lose at Plzen, even if they won’t qualify (or maybe they will). I think an early goal from FCSB is super likely and will surely complicate things for Plzen.