The advantages of paying for VIP picks are obvious. The paid picks or “VIP Picks” can help you make a lot of money if you choose the right source. You need a service that actually provides good tips for making money, remember this!

Another good reason for choosing Paid Picks for your bets is the low time that you need for placing your bets. If you use a paid picks service you don’t need to do too much research on your bets. Obviously, you will also face some problems if you decided to go for a paid prediction service. One of the biggest problem is finding a trustworthy site. More than 90% of all the websites that offer paid picks online are complete scams! Some of them are created just for stealing money and some have a very low quality that will destroy your betting balance.

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There are some some factors which proves that they are special:

Those bets are not available for public sector- you won’t find them on forums etc.

To use this kind of insider source typical player will have to spend many years and waste a lot of money.

Our bets usually are with high odds so playing just with a low stake you can wing a large sum.

Security of win is maximum possible- we share only confirmed first hand info.

We resell it (we ask only for a symbolic amount) only to limited group of people.